Open day

Finding Dutch Flow is a very special workshop. It will help you to think outside the box, so that more fun and greater results are possible. Read more

Dutch Brainwash

Get the best language experience you have ever had in your life. Leave all your worries behind and discover for yourself that learning Dutch can be fun and that great results are possible if you just use simple logical thinking and your imagination…. Read more

Dutch Fluency Momentum Session

The Inner Circle
is a special club for everyone that has followed a Dutch Brainwash. Let’s call them Dutch Brainwash Graduates… Read more

Dutch Mastery

Now that you can talk about anything that you like in Dutch after a Dutch Brainwash, one day you’ll notice that there is so much more to discover. In the highly advanced program Dutch Mastery all other secrets and mysteries will be revealed so that soon enough you can call yourself a Dutch Master…  It is about speaking and understanding Dutch on a whole new level, if you like, you could call it Dutch in 3D…   Read more

Dutch individual package

A Dutch individual package is a very personal package for very specific needs when it comes to speaking Dutch. It is important however, that you can already have whole conversations in Dutch….   Read more

Engels voor trainers & coaches

Dit is een speciaal programma voor coaches en trainers die ook in het Engels werken… Read more