Dutch Fluency Momentum Session


The Inner Circle is a special club for Dutch Brainwash Graduates. At least 10 times a year you will be invited for FREE conversation classes, also called Dutch Fluency Momentum Sessions.

The best way to bring your Dutch to a whole new level quick, is an intensive course of 7 days. In this case long term does the trick… At the same time, also long term plays a role… Continuation is also essential of course. What if new questions come up when the course if over? With these FREE conversation sessions continuous progress is virtually guaranteed.


A brainwash is just the start of a progress that can last
a long time…

Here is something that happens to most people. Once you go back to normal life, many times it seems that there isn’t anything that you can say in Dutch…. But, once you bring it up in the conversation classes, soon enough you’ll realize that you could have said it, often enough even in three of four different ways. The important thing is that you experience it a couple of times for yourself.

The principle of the free sessions is quite simple. You can talk about anything that you like. You can ask questions to other people. At the same time, you’ll receive some constructive feedback and good tips!
You can also ask questions about Dutch things that you heard or some other things that maybe you did not fully understand.  If you had some doubt, then this is the moment to get rid of them!

dutch brainwash a great language shower

Within 2 hours you’ll feel that Brainwash
shower again!

And of course, the most important thing is that you practice. That you make mistakes and that you keep that open playful and joyful attitude…

Although no new information will be presented, there are many things that you’ll learn:

  • New words
  • Funny expressions
  • How to ‘decode’ many more words
  • Loads of practice opportunities
  • Refreshed energy, more confidence and new inspiration!

One more tip: these sessions work best if you decide beforehand what you would like to talk about.  If you have a clear goal in mind, you’ll get the maximum out of these sessions…


You got the right tools now…
Just make sure that you practice!

People that come always say that it is gezellig and people that come on a more regular basis notice that somehow their Dutch gets more fluent…

If you are a Dutch Brainwash Graduate and if you like to come then simply go to the form below. I always love to see you and … I can only help you to make much more progress if you show up!

Next conversation session:  Thursday evening  16 APR  2020 19.00 – 21.00

Update 2023: after C, we have moved de Ouwehoerclub to Zoom. Most of the time it will be on the first Sunday after each Brainwash, in the morning from 10.00 – 11.00 

Although I always prefer live, the good thing about Zoom is that you do not have to travel and this makes it easier for more people to join 

I am considering to have new live sessions in my office, if you have any idea or suggestion, just let me know!  

Yes! Count me in!




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