Dutch Mastery

Dutch Mastery is like the Dutch Brainwash, but then on a whole different level! That is why it is only available for Dutch Brainwash Graduates. This time it is 5 days in a row, same system, the only thing is that now you’ll discover even more depth.  In a way, it is much more about details, but… once you master the essential skills that you learned during the Dutch Brainwash, you’ll find this course relatively easy….

time perception

How you perceive time plays an important role in the Dutch language!
It is time to play with the time machine!

At the same time, be ready for many more discoveries. Now that you’ll dig a little bit deeper, you’ll find many more things and the good thing is: now they will all make sense!

You could say that Dutch Mastery makes your Dutch complete. If you really like to understand everything that Dutch people say to you, then you can’t do without this program (if you like to  go to the highest level of Dutch fast),  Here are some things that you’ll learn:

  • How to play with time dimensions
  • The importance of movement
  • Subtle Dutch
  • Invisible words (words that exist in Dutch, but not in English)
  • Anaconda sentences that are much longer and more complicated
  • New advanced ways of exploding your vocabulary
  • More Germanizing
  • Advanced constructions & Advanced vocabulary
  • Many secrets that  you wil not find in any other language course
  • Far more clarity! (now everything that you’ll see or hear will make sense!)
  • You’ll master all the rest of the Dutch Language that we did not cover in the Brainwash
  • Experience all the richness that Dutch has!

With Dutch Mastery, you can call yourself a Dutch Master, because you’ll start to own everything that Dutch grammar has to offer. You’ll discover once again that Dutch is a logical, consistent and funny language, also on a much higher and advanced level!

It is as if a certain fog disappears and all of a sudden you see many more things!

Here is another surprise: somehow it will make all easy conversations in Dutch really simple. You’ll have more confidence again once you see how easy it is to expand your competence!

Once again, the course is only available for Dutch Brainwash Graduates, because it requires certain skills that you can only get through the Dutch Brainwash Program. Secondly, it is important that you are eager for more, that you are curious and that you feel excited to bring your Dutch to a whole new level again!

Understanding movement gives great power!

If you are a Dutch Brainwash Graduate and if you notice that it is time for a huge leap again, then simply send in the form below… Once again, it is important that you are ready for going much higher, because the second level… is the second level! However, once you are ready you’ll love it because it will finally make your Dutch complete!

talencoach dutch mastery cover

Here are some important details:
Dutch Mastery (Dutch Brainwash Level II)
5  days in a row 10.00 – 16.45

Maximum amount of people: 8
Includes all training materials
Your investment € 1249 

Next starting dates:
11 OCT 2024 (starts on a Friday)
5 APR 2025 (starts on a Friday)
2 MAY 2025 (starts on a Friday)

The trainings are also during the weekend, just to make sure that you will be free from office distractions!

You can secure your place with a first deposit of €500 and take care of the rest 10 days before the course starts….

Yes! Count me in!




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