Dutch individual package

Only for a very limited number of people, there is a personal package available.
Here are some important requirements:

  • Your level of Dutch is quite high
  • You can already have conversations in Dutch
  • You like to work on some very specific goals
  • You have good reasons for individual attention

This is what you’ll get:

  • A wonderful technique that instantly enhances motivation
  • A personal debug program (you’ll eradicate all those errors that you make all the time)
  • How to identify certain traps that could keep you stuck in situations such as presentations, meetings etc and how to find confidence instead so that you can move ahead, fast!
  • Unique training materials based on Accelerated Learning and NLP
  • Simple ways to look intelligent and outsmart Dutch people
  • The undivided personal attention of a  passionate language coach
  • Flexibility with time and schedules
  • Unlimited email support

This personal package works with energizing sessions enriched with coaching components.  Price indication: 10 sessions €1495 (but maybe you’ll need less)

Here is some feedback from clients:

I´ve taken Dutch language courses in the past. After a few years I wasn´t satisfied with my progress and sought a course that could once and for all unlock my ability to move forward with learning Dutch.  Albert offers a non traditional approach to learning a language. He and his Dutch course were exactly what I was looking for. How has he helped me rapidly accelerate my learning and use of Dutch? It begins with making a deep connection between learning and using the language to what is important to me in my life. This connection moves learning away from an academic experience to a life improvement experience by having a vision and goals for learning Dutch. He also helped breakdown myths and mindsets that often become barriers to learning a language. So many people have told me “Dutch is a difficult language, why do you want to learn it anyway?” Actually, it is not nearly as difficult as people have said once learning and practicing the few key patterns and rules that Albert teaches.  He uses these patterns to create a solid foundation of the basics of Dutch and from there we rapidly add additional concepts of the language that enable me to speak more confidentely, fluently and colorfully than I was able to before. Albert also uses different tools and methods in the course that challenges me to think and act in a different way during the course itself. I no longer find myself day-dreaming and feeling bored by the old way of learning that was used in my previous dutch classes. All my senses are engaged to help me relax, think and really learn in a deeper manner. Albert´s own interpersonal style creates an enjoybalbe, interactive and safe place to try, make mistakes and try again. I highly recommend Albert to anyone searching for a way to learn a new language and embed it into their way of life. Joe Torrez – USA

When I came to Albert my stated goal was something like: I want to learn enough Dutch that I can learn more Dutch in Dutch. I realized last week, after only eight sessions that I now know enough that I get better automatically… even when I am out of the Netherlands. He has ignited a chain reaction, which I’m sure will lead to fluency. His positive energy, curious mind and great sense of humour made it all happen faster than I really expected. Highly recommended 🙂 Barry Deck – USA  

If you like the idea of an invidual course, then simply contact me  and write: I am interested in an individual package for Dutch.

Then we can have a chat to see what option could be best for you!