Keeping Dutch momentum


Congratulations! As a Dutch Brainwash Graduate, you have gained enough insights that will lead to Dutch Fluency. There is only one important thing: you must keep walking, until you get there! Please do not stop!

The good thing is that you do not have to do it alone… Help and support is still available for you!  There are many great resources, and many of them are absolutely free!



First of all, there is a secret book on Facebook called the Dutch Brainwash Club.  If you like to join, then the easiest way is to become friends on Facebook first.


30 days to change your dutch ecours


Immediately after the Dutch Brainwash you’ll receive  2 eCourses:
1 The Psychology of Speaking Languages
2 30 Days to Change Your Dutch

If you work with these emails for 30 days, you’ll notice that you’ll have a solid grasp  on everything that we covered in the Dutch Brainwash!

nicepeopleMore or less every month there are free conversation classes!
It is a great way to get in touch with other students.  You can talk about anything that you like! Every time that you show up, you’ll be surprised about all the things that you can say in Dutch!  More info


talencoach dutch mastery cover

By the way, just in case that you have not discovered it… of course we could not everything about Dutch in only one week. But… there is also a second level. Once you do this second level, you can call yourself a Dutch Master, because then you’ll know all the secrets, also for the higher levels! More info





Would you like to have personal attention? A personal individual session is then the right solution for you!
As a Dutch Brainwash Graduate you get 25% discount, so your rate is €60 per hour

You can have as many sessions as you like.
There is no minimum!


Another idea to consider – if you think that you have not digested all the information of the Dutch Brainwash yet, is to repeat the program. People that do the Dutch Brainwash for a second time usually report that now they learn much more. Another great advantage is that during the second time, you could focus much more on actually speaking, rather than of absorbing information. The great thing is that you’ll receive a  discount of 50%! So then, the price is only €748,- for 7 days!


Last but not least, if you have some specific questions, then simply send me an email or use the secret Facebook Group. It is a great platform for support, practice and connection! 

Once again, you are on the right path now towards great Dutch. Just keep walking and don’t stop!


mechanic_in_toolbox_with_sign_19512Here is a new option: you can also take individual sessions with other Dutch Brainwash Graduates.  It is €80 per hour and you can come with 2,3,4, 5, 6 people….  You can plan as many sessions as you like….

So… here you see that there are many things that can help you to make sure that you keep on track towards Dutch Fluency…. Is there anything else that I should add to help you? Please let me know!