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If speaking Dutch is hard you are doing it wrong!

Why is it that learning a new language can take you hours and hours and that results can be quite low, in most cases? Here is a ‘strange’ answer that might surprise surpris you. Slow learning happens in the first place, because people expect it.

Most people take the snail trail. A slow path with a lot of struggle and where results are low…


Too many people often assume that a slow learning is normal, because learning Dutch is difficult. Sounds logical, right? But… what if  it is not true? What if it is a so called  popular misconception?

Believe it or not, slow learning is unnatural. And if  you like, it would be a great idea to even call it pure evil!

As a matter of fact, slow learning is a mean poison. If you struggle and when you notice a lack of results, it is too easy to lose confidence. At least you will start to like it a little bit less, right? And that is exactly the problem! If you like it less, then probably you’ll learn it  slower and you’ll have less confidence! Then you’ll learn it slower and you start to hate it! So here it is: a mean vicious circle.


Learning like a parrot will not do the trick!



The problem is: slow learning happens before you know it. Many people take it for granted, even if they notice that it does not feel good. On top of this, slow learning can have many different reasons:

  • You try to learn Dutch after work (but then you are too tired)
  • You feel overwhelmed, and even the grammar instructions are in Dutch! 🙁
  • You try to memorize something that you don’t understand
  • Everytime that you go to a class you feel drained
  • You notice that you only talk about the same limited subjects, again and again
  • You do not see that Dutch has a logical and consistent system
  • You try too much to learn Dutch like a parrot
  • The whole learning environment is too serious!
  • You or your teacher make it look far too complex!
  • You do not know what to do when Dutch people switch to English!

Can you see how easy it is to learn Dutch the difficult way? Luckily there is a way to turn it around.

First of all, do not walk in the trap, pretending that you don’t need Dutch. If you live in Holland, you would like to know what is going around you, right? Therefore it is important that you decide that you would love to speak great Dutch. Secondly, do not buy any excuse from Dutch people or yourself. Believing that somehow you cannot do it, and that you are not gifted for languages is not going to help you! But… if somehow you could discover for yourself that you have all the talents that you need, that soon enough things will start to change, rapidly.

The third step, may take some effort…. Could you be open to the possibility that you’ll learn a lot quicker and speak much more Dutch if you approach it in a different way?

joepie! Een nieuw idee!


Great things can happen if you are open to new ideas!



Relax… you don’t have to hurry… Take your time..  Here are two things that can help you, if you like this idea. A FREE eBook Why You Hate Learning Dutch & 7 Secrets To Change It and a FREE workshop Finding Dutch Flow, How To Open The Floodgate To Dutch Fluency.  It is waiting for you, so that you can explore things at your own pace.

One thing is certain… if you approach things differently, then new things can happen. All you need is a simple mindshift and a playful attitude. It would be great if you could be open to this ourageous idea: Learning and Speaking Dutch can be simple and fun.

No matter how stuck you are, there is always a way out…

If you already like learning and speaking Dutch, you can love it even more!

If speaking Dutch is something that you like, then always go for it! But make sure, that you learn it fast and that you have fun! 🙂











Learn at least 7 times faster

Here is one thing that may surprise you. Learning fast is a lot easier than slow learning, but… it is not always simple.

The problem starts with ideas that you already have about learning. What comes up if you think of learning? Chances are high that the ideas that come up stand in the way if you want to learn fast!

zonnebloem in Amsterdam


The first thing that you need to do: open up!



If you are like most people, then probably you associate learning with school and study books. Probably you think that it is a serious matter too! And that is exactly how the problem begins.

Most people just jump into a language course, try to learn from a book or hope that they will pick it up automatically if they listen to a bunch of cds. But… not so much will happen if you don’t open up your mind first.



Learning a  new language has little to do with memorizing whole books and studying like crazy!


What? Thinking about learning before you start learning? For most people it does not make sense.  They rather jump in immediately. But… sharpening your axe before you start to cut wood is actually a wise thing to do….  So opening your mind before you start learning Dutch is not such a bad idea 🙂

However… opening your mind also means that you have to be open for new ideas. It is about seeing things in a broader perspective. And yes, it also includes experimenting with things that may feel counter intuitive.

There are many hidden  things that can trick you!  



First of all,  learning has nothing to do with being serious and memorizing loads and loads of information. The key to learning fast is that you become receptive. It is about understanding things and seeing how Dutch really works. It is about playing, making many mistakes and having fun! It is also about the willingness to explore  new territories. It is all about expansion and wider horizons….

It is important that you are willing to ignore some comments that certainly Dutch people love to make. Dutch is a complex language without rules and only exceptions is something that Dutch people love to say. But… when you learn how to look with new eyes, you could soon discover that as a matter of fact Dutch is the closest language to English and that you could even see it as a simplified version of German (which is widely known for its  great consistency and logic)



For learning fast, 2 things are important:
1) Think in a simple and logical way
2) Be creative and play! Enjoy making mistakes!


Once you know how to look at it, you’ll soon discover that Dutch is a logical and consistent language and that often it is extremely funny! By the way, don’t worry if you don’t see it now or if you have been struggling with Dutch for a while. It is a step by step process that may take some time, but… the process is fun and also very gentle…

The good thing is this: it is hard to learn things that you don’t understand. But… once certain things make sense and when they look familiar to you, you will learn like crazy.

Once again, learning at least 7  times faster is a lot easier than you may think. Here are some other  things that play a decisive role:

  • You learn a couple of days in a row (not just one hour a week)
  • You make loads and loads of mistakes and you enjoy it
  • You are having fun and you feel totally relaxed
  • You use all the knowledge that you already have about other languages that you speak
  • You are having fun and you are totally involved
  • You talk in Dutch about  relevant subjects that you love to talk about
  • You receive great support from the people around you (the teacher and other students)


Changing your perspective changes everything!


Here is another tip if you like to learn fast. Start to see learning as an exciting  journey and  a playful adventure in which you discover many fascinating things. If you think that learning Dutch should be boring and tedious, then think again… Sure, there is some grammar that you need to grasp and it is handy to have some words in your vocabulary. But… at the end, it is all about your life! Once you understand this, Dutch will automatically catch your attention….

Once you start learning and speaking Dutch, you’ll start to notice that everything around you makes more sense. You start to understand how things function in the Netherlands, you understand why people react in certain ways… Instead of feeling like an outsider during many occasions, all of a sudden you blend in and you feel at ease in more and more situations al the time…

If you like to explore the subject of learning fast in more depth, then just go to two free resources. A FREE ebook Why You Hate Learning Dutch and & 7 Secrets To Change It or come to a FREE workshop Finding Dutch Flow, How To Open The Floodgate To Dutch Fluency and discover for yourself how everything chances when you open up and when you start to learn and speak Dutch in a new and different way!
























Free workshop!

 Finding Dutch Flow is a very special workshop. It will help you to think outside the box, so that more fun and greater results are possible. This is what you will learn:

  • Why Dutch people love to say that learning Dutch is difficult and why you should not believe them
  • How to say much more within only a couple of seconds!
  • How your mind tricks you and how you can open the flood gate to great fluency in Dutch
  • How speaking a new language really begins
  • The biggest mistake that most people make and how you can progress much faster instead
  • How to learn fast while having fun


People that visit this special workshop all state that they start to see more possibilities and that they sense a refreshed sense of optimism…..


10th  of JAN 2016, Sunday morning 10.00  – 13.00, Keizersgracht 8 Amsterdam

Send an e-mail if you are interested. Places are limited!

You will get an official confirmation for your participation.

What about a brainwash?

Yes… the best thing for speaking Dutch would be a magic pill or the implantation of a chip in your head, right?  But… unfortunately, no one has made this invention yet.  Therefore, the next best thing is Dutch Brainwashing!

Many people have negative ideas about brainwashing. But… before you ‘freak out’, just relax! It has nothing to do with spooky techniques from North Korea, sleep deprivation or psychological abuse… on the contrary… you could see it as a kind of language shower that refreshes your mind. In a way, it is quite relaxing!

meditation-1000062_640 (1)


Learning is far more effective with an open mind!



Dutch Brainwashing is an intensive Dutch course for 7  days.  With special learning techniques, Accelerated Learning and some NLP, you’ll discover how easy it is to speak in Dutch about anything that you want. You’ll quickly learn how to construct many sentences about all those subjects that you love to talk about. You’ll learn how to explode your Dutch vocabulary while using visual techniques.  It is about opening your mind, so that you’ll discover for yourself that making great progress for your Dutch is easier than you ever imagined.



Think out of the box and great new things happen!



Although the word brainwash could suggest that it is mainly a brain thing, it is also about feeling confident and at ease. And why not, you could even say that it is about opening your heart, if you like…  During 7 days all kinds of mental and emotial blocks that you could have,  simply melt away. Certainly when you practice immediately all kinds of new skills for one whole week, you’ll notice that many more things are all of a sudden possible.

Yes, a Dutch Brainwash can be intense. Therefore, it is the fastest way to bring your Dutch to a  whole new level. It is about intensity, high energy, learning like a spunge, expansion.  One thing is certain… you’ll be surprised. Expect new things and enjoy achieving new results fast!

Here is another benefit: it is the only course that teaches you how to understand Dutch humor…. Yes, this automatically means that you’ll also learn some filthy things! (this will make it more fun and it will help you to remember  new things a lot faster!)

Another way to describe it is this: it is like the nuns, but then completely different! If you like to check more things out, then simply go here: Dutch Brainwash






More info about dates, prices etc here!