If speaking Dutch is hard you are doing it wrong!

Why is it that learning a new language can take you hours and hours and that results can be quite low, in most cases? Here is a ‘strange’ answer that might surprise surpris you. Slow learning happens in the first place, because people expect it.

Most people take the snail trail. A slow path with a lot of struggle and where results are low…


Too many people often assume that a slow learning is normal, because learning Dutch is difficult. Sounds logical, right? But… what if  it is not true? What if it is a so called  popular misconception?

Believe it or not, slow learning is unnatural. And if  you like, it would be a great idea to even call it pure evil!

As a matter of fact, slow learning is a mean poison. If you struggle and when you notice a lack of results, it is too easy to lose confidence. At least you will start to like it a little bit less, right? And that is exactly the problem! If you like it less, then probably you’ll learn it  slower and you’ll have less confidence! Then you’ll learn it slower and you start to hate it! So here it is: a mean vicious circle.


Learning like a parrot will not do the trick!



The problem is: slow learning happens before you know it. Many people take it for granted, even if they notice that it does not feel good. On top of this, slow learning can have many different reasons:

  • You try to learn Dutch after work (but then you are too tired)
  • You feel overwhelmed, and even the grammar instructions are in Dutch! 🙁
  • You try to memorize something that you don’t understand
  • Everytime that you go to a class you feel drained
  • You notice that you only talk about the same limited subjects, again and again
  • You do not see that Dutch has a logical and consistent system
  • You try too much to learn Dutch like a parrot
  • The whole learning environment is too serious!
  • You or your teacher make it look far too complex!
  • You do not know what to do when Dutch people switch to English!

Can you see how easy it is to learn Dutch the difficult way? Luckily there is a way to turn it around.

First of all, do not walk in the trap, pretending that you don’t need Dutch. If you live in Holland, you would like to know what is going around you, right? Therefore it is important that you decide that you would love to speak great Dutch. Secondly, do not buy any excuse from Dutch people or yourself. Believing that somehow you cannot do it, and that you are not gifted for languages is not going to help you! But… if somehow you could discover for yourself that you have all the talents that you need, that soon enough things will start to change, rapidly.

The third step, may take some effort…. Could you be open to the possibility that you’ll learn a lot quicker and speak much more Dutch if you approach it in a different way?

joepie! Een nieuw idee!


Great things can happen if you are open to new ideas!



Relax… you don’t have to hurry… Take your time..  Here are two things that can help you, if you like this idea. A FREE eBook Why You Hate Learning Dutch & 7 Secrets To Change It and a FREE workshop Finding Dutch Flow, How To Open The Floodgate To Dutch Fluency.  It is waiting for you, so that you can explore things at your own pace.

One thing is certain… if you approach things differently, then new things can happen. All you need is a simple mindshift and a playful attitude. It would be great if you could be open to this ourageous idea: Learning and Speaking Dutch can be simple and fun.

No matter how stuck you are, there is always a way out…

If you already like learning and speaking Dutch, you can love it even more!

If speaking Dutch is something that you like, then always go for it! But make sure, that you learn it fast and that you have fun! 🙂