What about a brainwash?

Yes… the best thing for speaking Dutch would be a magic pill or the implantation of a chip in your head, right?  But… unfortunately, no one has made this invention yet.  Therefore, the next best thing is Dutch Brainwashing!

Many people have negative ideas about brainwashing. But… before you ‘freak out’, just relax! It has nothing to do with spooky techniques from North Korea, sleep deprivation or psychological abuse… on the contrary… you could see it as a kind of language shower that refreshes your mind. In a way, it is quite relaxing!

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Learning is far more effective with an open mind!



Dutch Brainwashing is an intensive Dutch course for 7  days.  With special learning techniques, Accelerated Learning and some NLP, you’ll discover how easy it is to speak in Dutch about anything that you want. You’ll quickly learn how to construct many sentences about all those subjects that you love to talk about. You’ll learn how to explode your Dutch vocabulary while using visual techniques.  It is about opening your mind, so that you’ll discover for yourself that making great progress for your Dutch is easier than you ever imagined.



Think out of the box and great new things happen!



Although the word brainwash could suggest that it is mainly a brain thing, it is also about feeling confident and at ease. And why not, you could even say that it is about opening your heart, if you like…  During 7 days all kinds of mental and emotial blocks that you could have,  simply melt away. Certainly when you practice immediately all kinds of new skills for one whole week, you’ll notice that many more things are all of a sudden possible.

Yes, a Dutch Brainwash can be intense. Therefore, it is the fastest way to bring your Dutch to a  whole new level. It is about intensity, high energy, learning like a spunge, expansion.  One thing is certain… you’ll be surprised. Expect new things and enjoy achieving new results fast!

Here is another benefit: it is the only course that teaches you how to understand Dutch humor…. Yes, this automatically means that you’ll also learn some filthy things! (this will make it more fun and it will help you to remember  new things a lot faster!)

Another way to describe it is this: it is like the nuns, but then completely different! If you like to check more things out, then simply go here: Dutch Brainwash






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