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Once you have started, simply continue walking!

You may already have realized it… completing a Dutch Brainwash is not an end, but far more a new beginning.

The great thing is that now you have already learned so many great things. You know that Dutch is a logical and consistent language and that you have always the ability to move forwards…

By the way, you already know that there is help available, right?
* We have de ouwehoerclub, a free conversation class once a month
* On Facebook there is De Dutch Brainwash Club, a secret club on Facebook
* If needed you can have extra individual classed and… you can also book extra classes with other Dutch Brainwash Graduates*
* Also, I created a special eBook with 500 posts from De Dutch Brainwash Club, so that you can practice as well, you can download Gaan met die Banaan  here

At the same time, you may have noticed that if you speak Dutch, there are still some things that you may not understand yet. This is completely normal, because in  the Dutch Brainwash we could not talk about all the things in Dutch, unfortunately.

Here are some things that happen when people speak Dutch to you, even in simple conversations:

When you speak, you normally compress information. You will not repeat the same words again and again, but you will replace them with shorter words such it, that etc. and Dutch is no exception.

Normally you will also talk in different time dimensions. You can talk about past, present and future at the same time in all your conversations. Here is another remarkable thing: tomorrow is the future for now, but next week it will be in the past. You can remix the future with the past as well!



More anaconda sentences are  not the only thing you will find in Dutch conversations….. There are some more things under the surface…




That is why handling time dimensions is important. Not only will it allow you to speak about future and the past, you will also be able to speak with much richer layers about the now.

Although you already know the most important principles of anacondazinnen, in Dutch you will use them all the time, so it is really important that you can do them with far more ease. On top of it, there are many more linking words besides omdat & dat that you will need to create much longer sentences

Prepositions, words that indicate place and movement are absolutely essential in Dutch. With these words you can create hundreds of new words and… you can even create words that do not exist in the English language.

You must have noticed that many nouns and verbs start with prepositions as well… Now it is time that you really start to understand the whole mechanism behind it.

This is why I also created the advanced  course Dutch Mastery. Although it promises to reveal the secret codes of advanced Dutch, it simply gives all the information that you need, certainly for the so called ‘low level’ conversations.



When you look at things from a higher level, you will find much more simplicity!



Although you could see Dutch Mastery as an advanced course, it is also a course that makes your Dutch Brainwash complete. While the Dutch Brainwash is more focused on speaking, Dutch Mastery will also help you to read anything that you like in Dutch!

Contrary to what you may think, Dutch Mastery  is not that difficult, it is relatively easy. You already learned the essential skills, it is that with Dutch Mastery you will have far more clarity. You will understand Dutch on a much deeper level and it gives you all the knowledge that you need for functioning on all levels, both professionally and personally….




Once you are on the right track, moving up can be relatively easy 🙂



By the way, Dutch Mastery is only 5 days and it includes a weekend. So you can start on a Friday and finish on a Tuesday.  It is a very relaxed course and a lot of fun. What I also like is that after those days, finally I can speak Dutch to you in a very natural way. I will not have to adapt my Dutch for you anymore, because with some essential pieces of new information, you’ll transcend the Dutch Brainwash level with far more ease. All of a sudden you will discover for yourself that actually all Dutch Brainwash stuff is really really easy 🙂

So, if you like this idea then simply click here for more info about the next Dutch Mastery Course that starts on 1 FEB 2019. Also if you like, we can have a short chat so that if you like to bring your Dutch to a much higher level again, we can see what all the options are…. 🙂 As you probably know, I never push and… if you like to move far more forward with your Dutch, I am here to help you!

By the way, I can imagine that you may have been thinking that your level really needs to be great before you can move forward with Dutch Mastery.  Luckily this is not the case. I created the program in such a way, so that it is very easy to move ahead. One great advantage is that many things will sound far more familiar anyway. We’ll play with things that you must have heard many times already in every day life, the only difference is that now finally it will start to make much more sense!

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Vrolijke groet,



P.S: I only give private lessons to Dutch Brainwash Graduates. One great option is that you can also join with other Dutch Brainwash Graduates if you like. Send me an email if you like to know more!