Why are all the courses within a short period of time?

Sure… it looks that you will learn much more if you take a course that lasts a couple of months. But… if you think again, it may not be true… Imagine for example that you only have one Dutch lesson a week. Then how long do you really focus on Dutch? Actually it may be very simple. With a Dutch Brain Wash you will focus on Dutch for one whole week, seven days in a row… therefore it may be the longest Dutch course you have ever had!


Many people start a course, only attend two or three times and then give up. This doesn’t make a lot of sense right? If you really want to speak great Dutch, why not really go for it and use laser beam focus? Believe it or not, you will learn a lot faster then. You will not have time to forget anything. For this simple reason great results are possible. It is just a matter of not having any distraction…. ūüôā


Why does everyone have to speak English?

Dutch and English are very similar languages, once you know how to look at it. If you speak English, you already have 50% in your pocket. Most people are not aware of it and that is why learning may go really slow….


Should English be my mother tongue?

Do not worry if English is not your mother tongue. Your English does not have to be perfect. Actually it is a HUGE advantage if you speak other languages. Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese are all very good to boost your Dutch with more ease. And with German, and Scandinavian languages it will even go faster. Believe it or not, even more exotic languages like Chinese or Hindi may come in very handy!


Why doesn’t the trainer speak Dutch all the time?

Many people believe that total immersion works the best and that if students are ‘forced’ to speak Dutch that learning will go a lot faster. Unfortunately, this is not true… ¬†It is far more important to understand at a much deeper level all the things that Dutch and English have in common. On top of this, people will only learn when things make sense to them. Therefore in all the Talencoach courses a special language weave technique is used. It is a great technique that highly activates your speaking capacaties


Is my level too advanced for a Dutch Brain Wash?

All the group courses are great for people that already have some familiarity with Dutch. Therefore it is absolutely likely that your level will be appropriate for the group levels. However, whenever you would like to be sure, you can have a personal chat first with Albert and you can also make a language test, just to make sure that this is the place where you can highly speed up your Dutch fluency!


Is my level too low for a Dutch Brain Wash

In the Dutch Brain Wash, people of all different kinds of levels can participate. Some people have already done some courses before, some people even went to the nuns and some people start to learn for the first time. It is important however that Dutch already sounds and looks familiar to you and that more or less you have an idea how to pronounce it. In the Dutch Brain Wash, we will work on pronunciation and at the same time it will not be the most important focus. If you feel the need to pronounce the words over and over and over again, you may like to wait a little before you participate in this course. Ideally you should also have lived for at least 4 months in the Netherlands, because then everything in the course will make much more sense to you. If you have doubts, just ask for a personal chat with Albert


Do I need to make a lot of homework?

With the special learning system it is not so much about memorizing and studying. At the same time, if you put more in, you will get more out of it. For a maximum result it is important that you start to play with Dutch as much as you can.


What? Only one week? Your Dutch can never be perfect then!

The idea of the powerful programs is not that you speak perfect Dutch after one week. But… you will learn how you can exceed your own expectations and your learning can be unstoppable.¬†Within one week you can learn the critical 20% that covers 80% of a language. After one week you will find that you are far more receptive and that fast progress is much easier….


Is there only one level?

The level of the Dutch Brain Wash will be the perfect match for 90% of all the people. After the Dutch Brain Wash there will be an advanced level, which is called Dutch Mastery. You can only participate if you completed the Dutch Brain Wash or The Turbo Speed Course. If your level is really advanced, then you can also apply for a personal package.




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