Experiences of other people

Having lived in the Netherlands for 17 years and still not mastered the language, it was time to give it a last shot.  Out of the many Dutch courses available one particular one continuously jumped out at me, that was Talencoach. From the moment I began te course, I found new confidence.  The coach Albert is very passionate and enthusiastic about what he does and he makes what seems complicated easy and simple.  His way of teaching opens up your mind to a new way of thinking, enabling you to learn with an ease which just wasn´t possible with other courses.  With other Dutch courses, I dreaded going, was bored and felt like I wasn´t getting anywhere.  With Talencoach it was quite the opposite. I looked forward to every class, I was constantly engaged, was never bored and above all I finally felt that I was grasping the Dutch language Rebecca Woods (Ireland)


“It has given me confidence to try and speak to native speakers as the language is no longer a mysterious mix of illogical words. I even feel confident that I understand the basics better than a local Ouwen Worth (South Africa)


In the last 20 years, I have studied Spanish, French English and Japanese with dozens of teachers at university and language school. I can say easily that Albert is the best teacher of all specifically because of his background in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).  His approach incorporates the essential elements of motivation, goal-setting and visualization allowing me to tap into the necessary energy and rationale for wanting to speak another language. Albert teaches not only the language, but the system of languages, so that I can connect my native tongue with the new language — as well as to other languages. It is learning the “system” of languages that gives me the quantum leap in communication

Roslyn Layton (USA)


I´ve taken Dutch language courses in the past. After a few years I wasn´t satisfied with my progress and sought a course that could once and for all unlock my ability to move forward with learning Dutch. Albert offers a non traditional approach to learning a language. He and his Dutch course were exactly what I was looking for. How has he helped me rapidly accelerate my learning and use of Dutch? It begins with making a deep connection between learning and using the language to what is important to me in my life. This connection moves learning away from an academic experience to a life improvement experience by having a vision and goals for learning Dutch. He also helped breakdown myths and mindsets that often become barriers to learning a language. So many people have told me “Dutch is a difficult language, why do you want to learn it anyway?” Actually, it is not nearly as difficult as people have said once learning and practicing the few key patterns and rules that Albert teaches. He uses these patterns to create a solid foundation of the basics of Dutch and from there we rapidly add additional concepts of the language that enable me to speak more confidentely, fluently and colorfully than I was able to before. Albert also uses different tools and methods in the course that challenges me to think and act in a different way during the course itself. I no longer find myself day-dreaming and feeling bored by the old way of learning that was used in my previous dutch classes. All my senses are engaged to help me relax, think and really learn in a deeper manner. Albert´s own interpersonal style creates an enjoybalbe, interactive and safe place to try, make mistakes and try again. I highly recommend Albert to anyone searching for a way to learn a new language and embed it into their way of life. Joe Torrez – USA


I´ve lived in Amsterdam for 6 years and tried to learn Dutch 3 times now, from various courses, language labs and books + cassettes. They all failed, and that was a lot to do with my attitude of course. Talencoach is the best teaching method by far. First it teaches you the mindset of learning a language, it´s a fun thing and it is a real eye-opener for me Jim Taylor (UK)


I have found the course really interesting and fun. It has helped me to build confidence, not just in my Dutch but also for other things in life too.  Before the class I did not think I could learn to speak Dutch, but now I do Lizz Nornable (UK)



The classes are very interactive. I never believed I can learn so much in just 10 classes. Now I can understand e-mails from clients and I can understand a scene with subtitles in the movie. I can do shopping more comfortably now. Thanks for all your suggestions, tips, tricks and techniques Ragurath Javiti (India)


I found the course really intersting – it was well structured in such a way that the language never became overwhelming.  Everything was logical and simple. Albert had a great ´can do´ attitude which was also very inspiring Meera Pani (Australia)


Albert is a very motivating language coach, and uses a variety of unconventional methods to continually make the lessons interesting and enjoyable. He is enthusiastic about help you to meet your own personal aims and strives to broaden your thinking Janice Clay (UK) 


I just wanted to say how thrilled I have been with the improvement in my Dutch language in recent months. It really has been a challenge, applying myself to study again twenty years after I left school, but I certainly feel that your methods have contributed greatly to my ability to learn and retain information Simon Poole (UK)


Albert stands out from language teachers I have had previously that his focus is much more on giving you the skills needed to manage your own learning than on teaching set material. The lessons are structured around a mixture of alternative methods and entertaining presentations. Albert does not waste time in the lesson doing things with you that you can easily do outside of the lesson with study aids / friends Anna Littlejohn (UK)


“I have studied with Albert Both Talencoach and the results speak for themselves. The best thing is that people now reply to me in Dutch rather than in English! David Mackail (Scotland)



Albert has a unique way of teaching Dutch. He worked with me to discover some of the real reasons I was struggling with speaking the language. It had nothing to do with the language, but more about some personal issues that I was having with myself. I would recommend Albert to anyone wanting o learn to speak a new language, especially those who need to break down the wall of resistance Melissa Crijns – Xcel recruitment (USA)



The process behind learning a new language is not foreign to me. I have studied a total of 4 foreign languages so far and the Talencoach classes have been a unique experience Karina Hoff (USA)


As a newcomer to the Netherlands I initially enrolled in a very traditional language course and to my disappointment was never satisfied. The course material was very dry and the teaching method unstimulating so I therefore didn´t acquire a lot of the language skills that I was seeking. I was pleasantly surprised by the more unconventional approach offered at Talancoach as it is very fun and stimulating. It renewed my eagerness to learn Dutch and has enabled me to retain much more information Mark Chiasson (Canada)


My friends are sick of me promoting Albert but I have noticed their admiration when I can hold a conversation and enjoy a bit of banter with a local. That has been a big thing for me, being able to have a laugh with Dutch people on the street. I think Albert will be famous one day for his insights into learning a language”  Fiona Canning (New Zealand)