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Dutch Brainwash 16/01/2016

The principle:
Get the best language experience you have ever had in your life. Leave all your worries behind and discover for yourself that learning Dutch can be fun and that great results are possible if you just use simple logical thinking and your imagination….

The goal:
An irresistible flow of speaking Dutch
To speak about virtually any subject in Dutch (in present and future tense)

To accelerate your learning for the rest of your life

You will learn:
• Pronunciation
• How to create thousands of sentences with absolute ease
• How to learn and remember new words fast!
• How to use FUN instead of boredom
• Great new things about Dutch culture and even English.
• How to find, and keep, your confidence
• How to save at least 100 hours of learning time

• How to think in Dutch and then speak in Dutch! (this time for real!)

1 week with 6 hours a day. We will start on Saturday and end on Friday.

We work in a small group. The maximum number of participants is only 6 people
1 e-mail course The Psychology of Speaking Languages (1 month)
1 e-mail course to help you integrate everything that you learn (1 month)

You will also get:
• Unique training materials, based on NLP and Accelerated Learning
• A simple step by step plan for expanding your Dutch
• Loads of tips and secrets about effective and effortless learning
• E-mail support after the course
• Motivation and inspiration from a passionate language coach
• Free membership of the inner circle after the course